World’s Largest Underwater Restaurant Norway

World’s Largest Underwater Restaurant Norway

Underwater Restaurant Norway – Seafood restaurants often have a habit of placing giant fish tanks inside their dining rooms, but a new restaurant in Norway is putting its dining room inside a giant fish tank. Soon you’ll have another good reason for visiting Norway: Having dinner at five metres below sea level.

Europe’s first and world’s largest underwater restaurant to open in Norway in 2019.

“Europe’s very first underwater restaurant” on the southcoast of Norway, appropriately-named “Under” will be half-sunken some 16 feet into the sea, with a 36-foot wide, ocean-floor-to-ceiling acrylic window to allow diners views of the sea life. And while what’s on the menu has yet to be released, we can imagine it will feature plenty of saltwater residents.

The underwater restaurant “Under” will definitively put Southern Norway on the dining map, both in Norway and throughout the world. And there might be stiff competition for a seat in the restaurant. Intertours Norway expects to arrange reservations for clients all over the world.

The restaurant will be an attraction that makes that more people consider it exciting to come to Norway and combine a visit here with other things.

The award-winning architect firm, Snøhetta, has designed the spectacular building.

Entrance Restaurant Under above sea level
A monumental glass wall provides panoramic views of the sea

When you step into the restaurant, your unique undersea journey begins. Here you can descend all the way to a depth of five metres without a diving suit. Just walk down the stairs.

Down in the restaurant, the notion of an “ocean view” takes on a whole new meaning. There, a huge glass wall will give you unique insight into the bustling life in the sea (Skagerrak) outside.

You will get to watch all sorts of fish species swim by including huge cod, colourful lip fishes, lobsters in gladiator battles, seals, spiny dogfish (i.e. mini sharks), distinctive seaweed and kelp in the changing seasons… And you can see a live performance of the roaring, stormy sea when nature is in turmoil.

Locally caught fish, seabirds and wild sheep on the menu

Of course, the restaurant experience is not just about the fish that swim by outside. The fish that is served on your plate is a very important ingredient.

The head chef at Under is named Nicolai Ellitsgaard Pedersen, and that means that the food is something to look forward to. Pedersen was formerly the head chef at the acclaimed gourmet restaurant “Måltid” in Kristiansand city centre.

Naturally, there will be an excellent selection of seafood at Under. But you also have the option of tasting seabirds and wild sheep that have grazed in the archipelago nearby.

Accommodation in the neighbourhood Underwater Restaurant Norway

The underwater restaurant, Under, will be worth the trip in and of itself. However, you can experience a lot of other things in the Lindesnes region and southern Norway. Read more about our approach an working with Intertours Norway here.