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incoming tour operator bus groups norway – intertours norway

Incoming tour operator bus groups norway –  Intertours Norway has guided many toursists in Norway and will always do what it takes to make a difference in this market.

Personally developed roundtrips – detailed knowledge

As an incoming touroperator Intertours Norway personally develops and tests all roundtrips provided to our guests. Our vision is that a good quality holiday packages are designed by travelling and exploring and cannot be designed properly from behind a computer screen. We carefully plan our tours into the smallest details. We are continously building a network of high quality suppliers who understand the needs from our guests. As an organising incoming touroperator our staff knows our roundtrip in every detail and we will provide our guests with our knowledge.

Intertours Norway thinks that as an incoming tour operator for bus groups in Norway it is our duty to give our guests the post possible experience and service in Norway. This starts with having ONE bus with ONE driver and Own guide that are available during the whole stay  – 24/7!

No unpleasant financial surprises

Furthermore we think there should be no unpleasant financial surprises. That means for us that all meals, boat tickets and activities are included and should not be paid extra for.

As a local incoming touroperator we have all necessary knowledge about the possibilities in Norway. We customize our trips to foreign tour operators offering packages not being sold anywhere else. We will never publish these packages online to avoid copying. As a tour operator you can be sure you have an unique high quality product where everything is included. The tourists are in good hands from the moment your guests arrive in Norway untill they leave. All reservations, transport, meals, activities etc. will be taken care of by Intertours Norway.

Work with Intertours Norway

New touroperators are welcome to work with us. We are happy to receive your request to work with us. Please contact us and let us know your wishes