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Intertours Norway offers all included bus tours in Norway to foreign tour operators. All packages are completely organised by Intertours Norway. Exclusive availablity busses, drivers and guides to our guests during the whole stay.

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Buss Reiser Norge - Europa (NO)

Buss reiser til utvalgte steder i Europa. Nytt opplevelser på en all inklusive tur. Vi organiserer transport, overnatting, spisesteder sightseeing og mer.  I 2018 tar vi deg til det beste reisemål i Nederland, Amsterdam og Berlin. Tar kontakt for mer info, følg med på nettsiden på våres og følg oss på facebook.

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High Quality Suppliers

Intertours Norway selects all suppliers personally and maintains all communication directly without any other third party. Our products are being developed based on our own experience travelling the exact same places our customers will visit. Based on more than 30 years of experience all activities and programs are carefully scheduled for our customers comfort.

Travelling with Intertours Norway means travelling with comfort. Our comfortable busses and professional staff are available at all time during your stay. You are being guided to the most interesting places getting memories for life. Hotel stays, meals, sightseeing, activities and free time are all taken care off.

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For Tour Operators...

We welcome serious foreign tour operators to work with us. Our packages for Norway are not being published online to avoid attempts to copy them. We offer completely unique tours not being sold anywhere else. We maintain direct communication with high quality and personally selected suppliers offering the best possible service. Please fill out your information here to start working with us.